The Artist:


Mame N'Diaye is an award winning visionary artist and composer of electronic music. Working primarily in pen and ink, converted to digital prints, Mame creates complex visual landscapes, fantasy portraits and intricately detailed abstract drawings incorporating original scripts and symbols that evoke ancient and mystical texts and stories. Mame draws her inspiration from her Senegalese Sufi and Caribbean heritage as well from her travels to West Africa, Morocco and from her exploration of world shamanistic healing traditions. In January 2013, a documentary on her life as an African American woman artist with autism entitled, “I am Mame” by filmmaker Debra Robinson was screened to a standing room only audience at Silver Spring Civic Center.

Mission Statement:

Nyogea Enterprises creates products that carry powerful and healing images that appeal to the eyes and the heart. The artwork of Nyogea Enterprises communicates messages about the worlds beyond everyday sight and sound. Mame inspires hope for others with special needs.


Nyogea Enterprises creates high end silkscreened t-shirts with original digital and hand crafted illustrations. Other visual products include greeting cards, and high quality limited edition digital prints. Long range plans are to expand to producing rug and textile designs, tattoo designs, accessories, CD covers, crafts) and services that reflect the work of a very unique artist whose work has world influences and is adaptable to many formats. Mame’s designs draw inspiration from healing art traditions from the East and West and highlight the potential of people with disabilities.